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  • Refused Car Finance? What can you do?

    April 21st 2016

    Many people are refused car finance but often the do not know why.

    If you have been turned down for car finance or car loan you should try to find out why.

    If you have been told why you were refused car finance but it is still not obvious, ask for clarification. 

    You should be told who the company use to check your credit ratings and you may be able to get a copy of the report to see why you were refused car finance.

    If you have been refused a few times you should be very careful about applying for car finance again as this can make things worse.

    Bad Credit Car Finance - No1 for approvals

    At Bad Credit Car Finance we are the No1 for approvals for people who have bad credit.

    If you haven't applied through us but have been refused car finance apply now with us

    However, please check first that you 

    have a regular income - a wage, salary or regular benefit income 

    have a bank account 

    We will ask you to demonstrate that you can afford your new car finance payments but our philosophy is that we are...

    Financing your future, not your past

    Refused Car Finance - what to do next

    If you have been refused car finance you can 

    - get a free bad credit report to see where the problems lie

    - rebuild your credit rating

    - look for alternative loan options

    - Talk to Bad Credit Car Finance or Citizens Advice Bureau

    If you decide to talk to us we would encourage you to ask questions because buying a car is an important decision and we want you to be fully informed and make the right decision.

    Refused Car Finance ? We are No 1 for approvals

    Refused Car Finance? Bad Credit Car Finance may be able to help

Car Finance in 3 Easy Steps
  1. Complete our short car finance application form or call FREE on 0800 032 6613
  2. Our finance team will check all is OK.We have our own exclusive finance so even if you have been rejected elsewhere you are likely to be accepted by us
  3. Pick up your car from your local Bad Credit Car Finance warehouse
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